How To: Yamaha F200 Spark Plug Replacement

Simple, easy DIY instructions

Spark Plug Replacement:

This post describes how to remove and replace the spark plugS.

All parts were purchased from my friend Andy at Shipyard Island Marine Engine Parts.

Be careful with this high dollar cowling!!

There are three latches that hold the cowling down. One on each side and one in the front.

Remove the plastic cover from the rear of the engine. There are four screwS.

Remove each plug.

I cleaned the plugs are re-gapped them.

Before re-installing the plugs, I applied some anti-seize grease to the threads and some silicon boot lube to the porcelain area. This ensures the boots will come off easy next time, and the plugs will as well.

Carefully re-install the cowling.

I hope this articles helps someone.


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