Lucky 13 Sportfishing Wrightsville Beach NC

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Lucky 13 Sportfishing Wrightsville Beach NC
Lucky 13 Sportfishing Wrightsville Beach NC
Lucky 13 Sportfishing Wrightsville Beach NC
January 17, 2017 9:20 am EST
Location: 33.436N 77.743W
Wind Dir: SSW (210°)
Wind Speed: 10 knots
Wind Gust: 12 knots
AT Ps: 30.26 in (1024.8 mb)
Air Temp: 72°F (22.4°C)
Dew Point: 64°F (17.5°C)
Water Temp: 73°F (22.7°C)

Lucky 13 Sportfishing Wrightsville Beach NC
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We offer some of the finest nearshore and offshore fishing in southeast North Carolina


If you’re looking for a great day of fishing and fun, hop aboard Lucky 13 with 
Lucky 13 Sportfishing
Captain Mark Cogdell
Wrightsville Beach, NC

The boat is located at:

Wrightsville beach ramp

1 marina st

Wrightsville beach , NC 28480







6/9 offshore cobia action
06-10-2016 02:14 AM

So the folks that booked me for today said they only caught a few spanish on their last charter and they wanted to catch something that pulled so I loaded the livewell with pogies this morning and went after something that will pull string. We got out to the wreck and immediately got in to the amberjacks hot and heavy. As i was about to pitch out another bait, i noticed 2 brown logs investigating my propellers so out went another pogie and it quickly got inhaled by the smaller (39" fish). After about a 5 minute fight, we got the fish with the hook in him and his larger buddy back to the boat. Before i gaffed the 1st fish i pitched out another pogie and the larger fish slurped it down and the next battle was on. Ended up boating both fish, and showing them who was boss with the 2 pound dead blow. The biggest one went slightly over 35 pounds on the spring scale I have on board. Since everyone was worn out from playing tug of war with jacks and cobia I ran in a little to the 10 mile boxcars and managed 1 small king on a big clarkspoon on the planer rod. Saw lots of bait and flyers between 7 and 10 miles off the beach but never got another bite. The pogies I picked up in the waterway weren't turbos but they were bigger than peanuts.

Lucky 13 Sportfishing weekend report Cobia and Dolphin with video
06-06-2016 11:30 PM
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Wrightsville beach nearshore/10-15 mile offshore weekend report 5/14-5/15
05-16-2016 04:29 PM
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quick stream report 5/10/16 loaded up on dolphin in the 060s
05-11-2016 03:21 AM
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Spanish are still chewing and CB inlet is still SHALLOW
05-09-2016 02:50 PM
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