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We fished the #1 recommended location - Winyan Scarp NE to Winyan Scarp... we put lines in at 3 miles short of WSNE and began trolling- after putting the spread out- 45 mins into the trol we had our first Wahoo strike but lost him- only to have another strike 2 mins later and boated a 70 lb hoo. We fished the water column from WSNE to Winyan Scarp zig zagging from 200 - 275 ft. we probably stayed in a 3 min radius trolling a very lively area - we boated 4 wahoo 1 king and lost 2 wahoo... a great day and fish here map was right on...thanks so much ...

midnighthour - 05-16-2015

Started at the recommended #3, break 1. Lots of life on the sonar. More than we have seen any other time. Did not get to bites we would have liked to get with that much life, but did catch a wahoo, 3 mahi and 1 for 2 on sails. SO definitely a variety of life in that area. Temps were on the low side of 74 degrees so after a bit we worked north towards to same ol to see if we could find warmer water. Water picked up to 76 but no life up that way. Came back to break 1 and life begins to show back. ...

v-rod - 05-17-2015

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