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What is ReefCast?

ReefCast is a Wave Height Model developed and run inhouse by SaltwaterCentral.Com. It combines the latest in wind field modeling and my 25+ years of offshore fishing experience into one of the best wave models in the world today.

Why is it Different?

Wave height models at their core run on a fairly simple formula. "Wind speed over distance for time = wave height". This formula has been a staple for decades after it was developed by the english Navey way back when. Iit has been updated from time to time but at it's core this is how wave height modeling is done.

Did you ever see the Bruce Willis Movie "Armageddon"? When he says "You can't use your NASA drilling guide!", That is how I feel about offshore weather. Most predictions do fairly well with the Wind Fields but they lack the day to day experance watching the wind blow and it's effects on the Ocean. That is why it is a 3 mile X 3 mile forecast and that is where I come in!

ReefCast takes in to account things like fetch, currents and the locations of Temp breaks that effect sea state.


So I have told you the good the bad part!

ReefCast takes some time to get used to. It is ot full of pretty graphics. It will not win any graphic design contests. It takes time to understand what it telling you. BUT...once you get used to it...You will understand why it has an almost cult following.

I recommand that you go through the "How To" linked below!

I will update this "How To" to the new format ASAP!

3 mile by 3 mile forecast grid.

Wind Speed ~ Wind Direction ~ Primary Wave Height
Primary Wave Period ~ Secondary Wave Period ~ Primary Wave Direction

7 Days in Advance

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