SeaView by Ocean Imaging

SeaView is a service provided by our friends at Ocean Imaging located in Solana Beach CA. They provide specialized aerial and satellite image acquisition and analysis services for research and operational applications.

Quit Fishing and Start Catching!

They provide access to the absolute BEST datasets in the world for Offshore Fishing through our "World Class GIS System" Bluewater Supermap. Access to these datasets is $150.00 per year and is paid directly to Ocean Imaging.

Geographic Information System

15 Zoom levels

Offshore Navigation Charts

1000's of GPS Waypoints

Bluewater Supermap

Marine Protected Areas

Current Weather

Weather Forecasts

Tide Stations

Bluewater Supermap + Seaview Data Layers

SeaView Fishing

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Sea Surface Temperature

SST 1 Day Composite

SST 3 Day Composite

SST 8 Day Composite

SST Microwave Cloud Free

SST with Contours

50m Sub Surface Temperature

100m Sub Surface Temperature

200m Sub Surface Temperature

Plankton Density Single Pass

Plankton Density Composite


Sea Surface Height

SeaView Examples


SeaView Fishing


SeaView Fishing


SeaView Fishing


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