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Who is Fish Here

My name is Captain Dave Tilley, I am an offshore fisherman that is also a computer geek. I own and operate SaltwaterCentral.Com and the Offshore fishing tools "ReefCast", "WaveCast" and "Bluewater Supermap".

I have been fishing pretty much my entire life. It is where I find my place in the world. It is where I fit.

I commercial fished for Grouper, Snapper and King Mackerel while at UNC-Wilmington studying for my BA in Communications. Over the next decade I operated charter boats ranging from a 25 foot Aquasport, to a 38 Bertram, to a 40 Luhrs, to a 56 Custom along with working on several party boats as both Captain and Mate.

Now a days I operate the charter vessel Wild Rover III based in Carolina Beach North Carolina

10 years before that I was the Captain of the party boat "Continental Shelf" based in Morehead City NC running 12 hour, 24 hour and 48 hour trips offshore.

I am fascinated by fishing, the weather and computers. I have spent the majority of my life time hunting and killing fish while watching the wind blow and seeing first hand what it does to the ocean. I have spent a lifetime of figuring out a way to make it happen. Where I am from�it is called the "School of Hard Knocks".

I learned about Sea Surface Temp Shots many, many years ago and at one time or another used most of the major SST services out there. One of the things I learned was the error induced with taking a flat image and trying to get lat/lon from it. The error is quite significant when looking at Satellite data over a broad scale. (More Info Here) I was at a trade show and one of the speakers was talking about mapping sewer pipes in a geographically correct format called Map Server. I was like "WOW", I know what I can do with that...and Bluewater Supermap is born. The next several years I spent winters teaching folks how to use Satellite data to find fish but no matter how many times I did it, they kept asking me where to go fishing. A couple of years ago I started doing maps for hire and "Fish Here Maps" were born. The first year or so I only did them right here in NC but I was getting requests for all over the place. FL, VA, SC, NJ....they came from everywhere. So I started doing them in other places. Over the winter of 2014 I created a site to handle all these requests. SaltwaterCentral.Com.

SaltwaterCentral.Com combines all the tools I have created over the years and makes them freely available to users all around the US.

Loads of weather data...FREE.

Our own weather model ReefCast...FREE.

Bluewater Supermap with SST, Chloro and 1000's of waypoints....FREE.

If you want to "Do it Yourself" for Free. We have you covered.

If you want to "Do it yourself" with the best data sets money can buy. We have you covered with Seaview.

If you want to us to tell you where the fish will be tomorrow. We have you covered with "Fish Here".

If you have any questions just let me know and I hope you enjoy the site.

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Thank You,

Captain Dave

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