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January 15, 2005 05:16 AM EST

Liquid Addictions Live Bait Rigs

Part One: Getting Started

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    Liquid Addiction's

Live Bait Rigs

Part One: Getting Sarted

By:  Steve Brantley


Since I started fishing with Live bait I have learned some valuable lessons. When I first started I would purchase my rigs pre-made. This could get expensive, especialy on those fall trips when the kings where feeding on anything that moved. I soon learned that I could tie my own and save alot of money.

    This will be the beginning of a series of articles that I will write to try and help fellow anglers save some money as well as catch more fish. I can only hope that You guys will have as much success and enjoyment as I have from the fine art we all call "Fishing".

    Now let's get started. I have found one thing that seems to stand out from the rest that seems to be a great time saver. It's a simple piece of PVC that helps to premeasure and store your leaders. 

    1.  Go to your local hardware store and purchase a 10' section of 1/2" PVC and 4 PVC end caps. 

    2.  Cut one section of your PVC the same length that you would like your leaders. I prefer 48" leaders on all my rigs so I have cut mine 48".

    3.  Cut the second section of PVC around 10" long. This will be used to hold your branch leader. I normaly use bait that range from 6" to 8". This will allow for extra wire to make your haywire twist.

    4. Place one of your end caps on one end of both pieces of PVC.

    5. Now you can slide your wire inside the tubes and cut them off. You will have pre-measured and consistent leaders every time you get ready to tie your rigs.

    6. I always attach a "Spro" 50lb. barrell swivel to one end of my leader using a  HAYWIRE TWIST after I have cut them to be stored in my tube. This will have you a step ahead when you get started  making your rigs.

Part 2: of this article will refer to a very well written piece by Capt. Dave Tilley. Please read part 2 before advancing to part 3.


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Liquid Addictions Live Bait Rigs Part One: Getting Started - SaltwaterCentral.Com