How To: Re-Anchor

How to Move without Hauling The Anchor

How To Move Without Hauling The Anchor

By Captain Dave Tilley

You are out bottom fishing and the bite starts to slow up. It's time to move. You don't want to go far. Do you really have to haul all that anchor rode? No. 

Here is an easy way of moving without having to haul the anchor. 

First make a note of your anchor coarse. Let's say for the sake of this picture it's 90 degrees.

You pull to the right of the anchor, almost like you were going to pull it up with an anchor ball

Now as the rode comes alongside on the port side have one of your mates reach out with a gaff and snag the anchor rode. Take a short piece of rope and attach it to your stern cleat. Tie a carabineer to the other end and use this to clip the anchor rope in place. Once the anchor rode has been clipped start your turn back toward to fishing mark. You MUST approach the mark 180 degrees from your anchor coarse. In this case 270 degrees. Go slow, It does not take much to get your anchor off the bottom, about 10 knots. Now as you approach your mark watch the colorscope closely and as your bottom area starts to show have your mate release the clip holding the anchor rode.

Now spin around and back down on the anchor and you should be set. It will take a couple times to get it right. But once you figure it out it makes moving around on a hole a lot easier.

Hope this helps!

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