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Come join Captain John aboard the 32' SeaCraft "Procastinator" for a fast paced, fun day on the water off the beautiful Crystal Coast of North Carolina.  Multi-species, multi-tactic combination trips ensure a day full of action, variety and memories.  

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Captain Captain John Cawthern

Morehead City, NC


2/9/18 Procastinator Jigging Report.
02-10-2018 04:20 PM

Now is one of my favorite times of the year to get jiggy. I had a great crew from Delaware and Pennsylvania join me for a workout, and a workout it was. It was pretty much catching all day long with a nice variety of jacks, tunas, groupers, and some false albacore. Got clipped by a few wahoo which was par for the course, and dropped quite a few blackfin and a possible yellowfin at the gaff. The crew held up well despite getting bit on nearly every drop all day long. If you like jigging, now is the time. The jacks and blackfin are stacking up along the break and you will likely run into a few pesky grouper as well. We caught grouper as much as 100 ft. off the bottom while high speed jigging. We were supposed to head back out today, but I made the call to wait this Southeaster out, and, glad I did. I hate to miss a day fishing this time of year, because, it can be incredible fishing as yesterday demonstrated. We caught a literal ton of fish only fishing jigs, and I expect if you can make it out to the break over the next 2 months, you will be greeted by the same. I do have some dates available if you want to see just how much fun jigging can be.

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