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Captain Mark Cogdell
Wrightsville Beach, NC

Lucky 13 Sportfishing weekend report Cobia and Dolphin with video
06-06-2016 11:30 PM

Had an 8 hour trip on Saturday so I threw the net on some pogies and off we went. 1st stop was the dredge wreck and when I couldn't get the amberjacks to eat live pogies I knew we were going to have a tough day. I pushed off a little farther to the school house and still couldn't buy a bite with live bait so out came the trolling gear. We picked up a small king with a #6 planer and a drone spoon as we trolled away from the wreck headed to a ledge about 2 miles away. As we got out to the ledge I heard the flat line clip pop and as soon as I turn around I see a nice dolphin about eye level with us with an orange Big Nic Mac A Hoo hanging out of his mouth. We had several more dolphin bites on the long rigger but couldn't get any of them to stay hooked up, yup, it was just one of those days. We managed to pick up a decent amberjack and a couple false albies on the planer rod. There were tons of fliers around the ledge so i expect the 20ish mile range dolphin bite to get going any time now.
Saturday night I got a call from a couple hardcore local pier guys that live and breath cobia. I told them I knew about a hot bite down south so Sunday morning we headed out in search of pogies and cobia. We were greeted by some pretty sporty seas but the Mako ate the slop up and we pushed out to where we saw some pelicans diving and despite the poor sight fishing conditions we managed to get a bucktail in front of a pair of cobia and got one to eat. We ended up with a 38.5 pound cobia and saw several more but couldn't get them to eat.
Hopefully this tropical system will get out of here soon so we can get back out on the cobia bite this week.

Wrightsville beach nearshore/10-15 mile offshore weekend report 5/14-5/15
05-16-2016 04:29 PM
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quick stream report 5/10/16 loaded up on dolphin in the 060s
05-11-2016 03:21 AM
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Spanish are still chewing and CB inlet is still SHALLOW
05-09-2016 02:50 PM
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Whale of a good morning sight casting, even got a citation spanish
05-01-2016 10:32 PM
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Awesome morning sight casting!
04-29-2016 02:43 AM
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Big Spanish Mackerel are here
04-26-2016 06:06 PM
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