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March 01, 2004 12:02 PM EST

About Captain Dave

Fishing The Carolina Coast

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My name is Captain Dave Tilley, I am an offshore fisherman that happens to also be a computer geek. I own and operate SaltwaterCentral.Com and the Offshore fishing tools "ReefCast", "WaveCast" and "Bluewater Supermap".

I have been fishing pretty much my entire life. It is where I find my place in the world. It is where I fit.

I commercial fished for Grouper, Snapper and King Mackerel while at UNC-Wilmington studying for my BA in Communications. Over the next decade I operated charter boats ranging from a 25 foot Aquasport, to a 38 Bertram, to a 40 Luhrs, to a 56 Custom along with working on several party boats as both Captain and Mate.


I spent a decade as the Captain of the party boat "Continental Shelf" based in Morehead City NC running 12 hour, 24 hour and 48 hour trips offshore setting 2 state records along the way. I currently hold a 200 ton Master Licence.


I am fascinated by fishing, the weather and computers. I have spent the majority of my life time hunting and killing fish while watching the wind blow and seeing first hand what it does to the ocean. I have spent a lifetime of figuring out a way to make it happen. Where I am from…it is called the "School of Hard Knocks".

SaltwaterCentral.Com combines all the tools I have created over the years and makes them freely available to users all around the US.

If you have any questions just let me know and I hope you enjoy the site.

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Thank You,

Captain Dave

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About Captain Dave Fishing The Carolina Coast - SaltwaterCentral.Com