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October 31, 2004 05:02 AM EST

Blood Knot

How To Tie Two Lines Together

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Blood Knot

By Captain Dave Tilley

The blood knot is used for connecting to lines together of about the same size. Instead of completely respooling your reel you can just add some to the existing or I have a friend that ties bright yellow line as the last 50 feet of his trolling lines. It does make it a lot easier to see when you are trolling along. So anyway lets tie a Blood knot.

In the picture below let's call the top line A and the bottom line B. 

Move A line about 8 inches up the B line and start wrapping A around B. Wrap it 6 times. Bring the Bitter End around and put it in between the lines a between the number 5 and number 6 twist.

Now do the B side the same way wrapping B around A and insert the Bitter End through the same hole between number 5 and number 6 twist, but MAKE sure it goes in the opposite direction. It sounds harder than it is. Look at the picture below. 5 twists on 1 side, 5 twists on the other side and the ends go through the same hole in opposite directions.

At this point I like to wet my knots so they slide easier. Hold the tag ends in your mouth and pull on the standing part of the line and it will slide down into a nice neat knot the is very compact.

Now trim the ends and you are set to go. I always pull on my knots very hard before they go over the side, it costs and great deal of money to get a fish to stick and I do not wish to miss a single one.

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Blood Knot How To Tie Two Lines Together - SaltwaterCentral.Com