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October 31, 2004 05:10 AM EST

Bow Line

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Bow Line

By Captain David Tilley

Bowline, Bowline, How I love thee ol' Bowline. I'll tell ya, The Bowline knot has got to be a boaters best knot. This is not for tying fishing lines this is for tying ropes or lines or anything that you wish to tie, put under strain and then expect to untie in a hurry. I have tied sails on to their clews, fenders to the rails, made towing harnesses out of it, pulled stuck trucks, if you want one all around knot that is easy to tie it is this one. This is the ol' "the rabbit comes out of his hole and goes around the tree and runs back in his hole knot." Here we go,

After looping the rope around what ever you wish to tie


Form a loop in the standing part of the line

The line passes in to the hole and behind where the line crosses

Now it comes around and in front of the standing part of the line and back into the loop. this step is the key to the knot. Look at the intersections closely

Pull tight


Tight Lines and Slight Seas

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