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Builder: Electric Boat Co., Commissioned by the U.S. Navy in 1936

Port of Origin: Groton, Conneticut

Propulsion: Twin screw - diesel / electric, HP 4300, 19.5 knots cruising

Type: Submarine

Tonnage: 1316 tons

Length: 298 feet

Width: 25 feet

Armament:  Shark class submarine - (6) Torpedo tubes, storage for (16) Torpedoes, (4) mounted machine guns and (1) 3" cannon deck gun.

Owner History:  

U.S. Navy 1936 - 1945, Naval Reserve 1945 - 1956


While serving a distinguished career with a number of Submarine Divisions during WW2,  the Tarpon completed a number of combat patrol missions in enemy territory during which time she sank two Japenese ships, one German warship the Michel and damaged one other Japanese vessel during her first nine combat patrols. Tarpon made three more war cruises, all involving special missions and aircraft flightcrew recovery duties in the central Pacific including the Marshall Islands.  Although she never participated in any rescue attempts the Tarpon did engage enemy targets while on routine patrol, firing torpedos at a number of vessels. At the conclusion of her twelfth patrol, in October 1944, the now relatively elderly submarine was retired from combat. She was decommissioned by the Navy in Nov. 1945 and remained inactive until 1947, at which time she was utilized as a stationary Naval Reserve training vessel stationed at New Orleans, La.. Her final assignment ended in the fall of 1956 and Tarpon was removed from the Navy list of reserve vessels then sold for scrap. Oddly enough whilst undertow to the scrapyard she floundered and sunk off Cape Hatteras in the summer of 1957, ending an illustrious career in which she was awarded (6) battle stars for meritorious service.


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USS TARPON (SS-175) U.S. NAVAL SUBMARINE - SaltwaterCentral.Com