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March 23, 2017 1:50 pm EDT
Location: 33.436N 77.743W
Wind Dir: NE (50°)
Wind Speed: 19 knots
Wind Gust: 25 knots
Sig Wave Height: 6 ft
Dom Wave Period: 6 sec
Average Period: 4.9 sec
Mean Wave Dir: NE (54°)
AT Ps: 30.53 in (1033.8 mb)
Air Temp: 54°F (12.3°C)
Dew Point: 42°F (5.3°C)
Water Temp: 65°F (18.2°C)

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PORTSMOUTH, Va. - Air Station Elizabeth City, N.C., flight crews rescued three people this morning and are responding to three other cases off the coast of Cape Hatteras, N.C.

An HH-60 Jayhawk rescue helicopter crew hoisted three people from the sailboat Seaker at approximately 7:30 a.m. in the vicinity of Diamond Shoals. The air crew will transport the the three rescued to Air Station Elizabeth City where medical crews are standing by.

The Seaker was in 40-knot winds and 16-foot seas at the time of the rescue.

In addition to the Seaker rescue, there are three people in a makeshift life raft about 160 nautical miles east of Cape Hatteras in 34-foot seas. They were aboard the sailboat Lou Pantai when rough seas and heavy winds forced the three sailors to abandon ship. A Coast Guard C-130 airplane is flying over them until a helicopter arrives to hoist them.

Coast Guard crews are also responding to two sailboats in distress southeast of Cape Hatteras.