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Needing someone local to Carolina beach to fish several days a week

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James Lawson
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As the title says, looking for someone that can fish several days a week-Weather Permitting. I fish for $$$, so if we can work it, you can make some extra money. Primarily KING fish. All permits in place and up to date.
Please be knowledgeable of boat operations.
I pay 1/3 of fish sales
I will fish year-round if possible
I have bills to pay, for enjoying the sport of fishing, that's why I'm looking for a mate.
No-beer drinking-Sorry
1 or 2 test runs to see if we can catch fish together and work together.
If it doesn't work out, at least we got to do what we enjoy.
PM me if this sounds like something you would like to do a couple of days a week.