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Missing 4 rods

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Jonathan Jones
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I live in Hampstead too. I'll be keeping an eye and ear out. Hope we catch em and your able to get stuff back

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This is from last fall reelsalty. First of two robberies. Culprits caught, but not all stuff was recovered. Troll revival of thread?

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Hate it for you.
They work our area unfortunately. I had 4 Shimano Torium 2Os taken out of the Onslow Bay while at Harbour Sound last year. They came up on our private area. I could not take my little girl fishing that day. We had footprints and the cameras out Sears Landing were all over, but got nothing. It was frustrating to say the least. Arlen at Tex's Tackle was awesome in hooking us up with some new gear if you have to replace.

Just an FYI that Arlen is now at Intracoastal Angler near Bradley Creek. Super nice guy and he will hook you up there.

Nice guy at Tex's Tackle by the name of Chandler if you shop there.

Yes Arlen is now at IntraCoastal.
Chandler has left Tex's Tackle.
But Matt Gentry works at Tex's Tackle great guy also. .... ICM

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