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Stolen Goods Found Being Installed on Another Boat!!

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jason george
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This is regarding my stolen Donzi 29zf thread and the responses that I have seen here recently. Apparently, Mark DeNunzio, the owner of Unlimited Boat Service, of Wilmington took it upon himself to add his side of the story on here, so I feel as if I have the right to make some clarifications. We just recently bought a 2008 Bay Rider and needed a few things done on the boat before the holiday weekend, and Mark was gracious enough to squeeze us in. The night of June 29th, my father went to drop off the Bay Rider. As he and Mark were talking, Mark pointed out a boat that was recently brought in to have some electrical work done to it. He told my dad the guy had gotten a great deal on the outboard as well as the electronics, but that the customer said he did not to run any VIN #’s on anything because he knew they were “too good to be true”, but the customer didn’t care because he had “proper” documentation. The following morning my dad and I went to go pick up the Bay Rider. We were talking with Mark as he finished up and I noticed an outboard that looked just like one of the ones I just had taken from me. Mark finished up and we walked inside to settle up. I saw my fusion sound system with the custom labeled wires cut out of the back of it sitting on the counter. I immediately went outside, pulled my phone out of my pocket and went to look at the Yamaha outboard that was on the back of the “great deal” of a boat. And what do you know, they matched. The boat had twin engine controls, with twin ignition with just a single outboard on the back. Now that just doesn’t make sense. Mind you, the motor was worth more than the boat it was put on. I immediately call the police. When they arrived, nothing gets done. Except for the fact that Mark started shaking, running into his office to let out his aggression, and changed his story about 3 times. The police then tell Mark to have the outboard removed from the boat it was on and to give me back the goods of mine that were in his shop. Until we received them, they were technically in the possession of the Wilmington Police Department. If anything were to be done to them before we received them Mark would immediately be arrested. As this was said, Mark then said that WE would be charged to have the outboard removed. Monday, we went to go pick up the outboard in his freshly spick and span- clean as a whistle shop and tells us as we are leaving that he would send us the bill the following week.
Let me say this, we NEVER accused Mark of stealing anything, just the fact that he basically knew he was installing stolen goods. That is NOT good business. That is the reason people steal boats and parts because they know someone out there that would be willing to install them. Also, just to clear a few things up from what Mark seems to know all about. No, we are not all “mad” because we lost an insurance check. Have you seen it? Because I sure haven’t! Our claim was not filed until this past Wednesday. Thanks to you and your shady business, we were able to have more probable cause given to the insurance company that the boat and goods were stolen. No, you did not help us in any way RECOVER this outboard. If it weren’t for us ourselves putting two and two together, checking the VIN #’s, we probably would’ve passed it all weekend long. You let good, honest, hardworking people get shafted by putting money in your pocket. If you would’ve helped recover anything and given up the names of the people who contributed to this crime, you could have had cash reward pocketed right now, which was far greater than the amount Mr. “good deal” was going to pay you, but no. That’s the only loss I see at this point. Once we do receive that insurance check, we will be sure to have that money go anywhere besides your business.

Dave Arnold
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Thank you for that update.

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Wow. Full circle this has come. Sure to be censored.....

Sure is a small world in a way. To catch this douchebag red-handed like that, in such a random way, that must have felt awesome! I hope WPD will seal the deal for all involved. ALL involved, cause it sure sounds like this Dbag knowingly traffics stolen goods. That's worse than the dope fiend who stole your stuff, in my opinion.

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certainly is a heck of an ordeal for sure, lucky the stereo was there for you to see

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At this point we have a great Big He said-She Said.
Here is a link to the other side of the story just to be fair.

I am sure the Police will get to the bottom of it.

At that point we will revisit these topics.

Until then....I know Mark...He has done work for me on the Wild Rover III...I will LOCK and delete every thread that comes up UNTIL the police are done the WHOLE story comes out. When it does....Then we can flame those responsible.