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Coast Guard reopens Port Canaveral with restrictions

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Effective 4 p.m. Tuesday, the Coast Guard Captain of the Port has reopened Port Canaveral and all other terminals and facilities

Hurricane Irma’s severe weather is no longer a threat to the ports of Northeast Florida. However, the conditions of the waterways and port infrastructure are still unknown, and full assessments of the affected areas are still being conducted. The Coast Guard will enforce a temporary safety zone for these post-storm recovery operations.

This regulated area includes all waters within the Port of Canaveral encompassed within the following locations: starting at the demarcation line drawn across the seaward extremity of the Port Canaveral Entrance Channel Jetties, therefore following the northern shoreline west to the SR401 Bridge, therefore following the southern shoreline back to origin.

Unless authorized by the COTP, all vessels, regardless of size or service, are prohibited from transiting in a regulated area until a full assessment of the waterway and port infrastructure along the regulated area is conducted. As the assessments are being completed, the COTP may open specific portions of a regulated area and/or allow certain vessels to transit these areas.

Vessels desiring to transit through a regulated area may contact the COTP via telephone at (904) 714-7557 to request authorization. If authorization to transit through a regulated area is granted, all vessels receiving such authorization must comply with instructions.

Due to potential effects from Hurricane Irma throughout Port Canaveral, mariners are urged to transit with caution considering the possibility of aids to navigation discrepancies or other hazards to navigation. If discovered, please report any of these issues to Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville.