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Penn International, Shimano TLD & matching custom rods FS

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Ken Verderame
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I have the following FS:

Penn International 30 TW II with 600 yds of 150 # Line One hollow Spectra & Mark II T-bar handle: $399
Penn International 30 T II with 745 yds of 80# Line One Hollow Spectra + 100lb mono top shot & Mark II T-bar handle: $379
Shimano TLD 30 I2-speed with 700 yds of 80# Line One hollow Spectra, Quickie release bar: $279

I have 4 custom built rods all built on black Calstar blanks and all have the following:
- all AFTCO black/gold roller guides
- AFTCO black/gold stripper guide
- AFTCO black/gold roller guide tip
- AFTCO black/gold reel seat & AFTCO gold gimbal butt
- blue hypalon grips
2 rods are Calstar 6460XH blanks & 2 are 6465XH blanks
Rods are $250/each

I also have 1 custom rod that is identical to the above but is built off a Calstar 6450XXH blank with a reinforced woven rope section that has been epoxied to allow for the fronbt reel seat clamp found on Penn 80 & 80W reels; $300penn_30tw1_147.jpgrod_165.jpgrod4_790.jpgrod3_912.jpgshimano_tld_302_302.jpgpenn_30t2_107.jpg