Personalized, Expert Advice

Imagine having a personal fishing guide who not only knows the waters like the back of their hand but also has access to the most current marine data. The night before your trip, one of our captains personally calls you to share tailored advice on locations, bait, tackle, and pro tips to enhance your offshore adventure.

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Discover FISHHere PRO: Your Ultimate Guide to Unforgettable Catches

Have your fishing trips been less fruitful than you hoped? You’re in good company. The sea is vast and full of promise, yet that big catch often feels just out of reach. But what if the key to turning your luck around was just one decision away?

Introducing FISHHere PRO, the brainchild of Captain Dave Tilley and the expert offshore fishing team at FISHHere PRO revolutionizes how you fish by harnessing the power of the latest data from SEECast, NOAA, and other reputable sources. We combine state-of-the-art technology with years of firsthand fishing experience to direct you to where the fish are eagerly waiting.

Tailored Guidance for Every Angler

Imagine setting out with a personal fishing advisor by your sideā€”a guide who not only navigates the waters with unparalleled expertise but also brings you the latest marine insights. On the eve of your expedition, a captain from our team personally contacts you, offering customized advice on fishing spots, bait selection, tackle choices, and insider tips to elevate your offshore journey.

Exclusive Launch Offer

FISHHere comes in two editions:

  • FISHHere Standard: Receive a detailed map and instructions.
  • FISHHere PRO: Get everything in the standard package plus a personal phone call from one of our experienced local captains.

Currently, as we put the finishing touches on FISHHere (courtesy of Captain Dave’s diligence), the complete maps for both FISHHere and FISHHere PRO are under wraps.

What we do offer is invaluableā€”a personal call from a local captain for $45. They’ll review SEECast data with you, guiding you through planning your day on the water, covering the who, what, when, and where of your upcoming adventure.

When will the maps be ready? We’re targeting May for the full rollout of FISHHere’s features. A tight schedule and a much-needed break mean we’re focusing on perfecting this service for you.

As we prepare for the grand unveiling of FISHHere, we’re excited to offer FISHHere PRO at a special introductory price: 50% off, now only $45. Seize this opportunityā€”once FISHHere launches, the regular price for FISHHere PRO will be $90.

Please Note: The current iteration of FISHHere PRO does not yet include the map feature.