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Sea Surface Temperature

Sea Surface Temperature

Sea Surface Temperature X3 in a zoomable. clickable interface. We feature AVHRR SST data, Modis SST data, VIIRS SST data, NOAA SST data, SNPP SST data and modeled Sea Surface Temperature for complete cloud free coverage. 5 degree, 1 degree and .5 degree contours based on zoom level with multiple color ramps to help you find the fish and save fuel on every trip.

Chlorophyll satellite data

Chlorophyll Satellite data

Featureing Modis Chlorophyll satellite data, SNPP Chlorophyll satellite data and NOAA-20 Chlorophyll satellite data updated multiple times a day. Shows specific Chlorophyll levels and water clarity in a zoom-able, clickable interface that is geographically accurate. Overlay SST Contours, Currents and way-points to really make those HotSpots stick out like a sore thumb.

True Color


True Ocean Color from Modis SST data, NOAA SST data, SNPP SST data to help you find that all important color change and weed lines holding the fish on your next adventure.

Turbidity satellite data

Turbidity satellite data

Turbidity, which refers to how clear or dirty the water is, is an important factor for fishermen, especially those involved in saltwater sports fishing. Water clarity directly influences several decisions made during fishing, both on and off the water. For most saltwater sports fish, which primarily feed by sight, visibility is crucial.

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Sea Surface Temperature

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SEECast Membership

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